About Yearbook

10 years, 20 years or 30 years down the line, what would remain of the endless chats, the relentless frivolities and the chilled out ‘insti feels’ but the hazy memories? Preserving and cherishing the memories of all IIT Bombay students has been the crucial driving force in the working of Student Alumni Relations Cell, aka SARC. The stay at insti is special for everyone of us and leaves us with a lot to take away. To immortalize the ‘senti’ that we all have for all our friends, the bodies and activities you have been a part of and life at the Institute, SARC presents The Institute Yearbook 2020!

This portal has profiles for everyone at the Institute and has a feed of all the things that you write for yourself and for your friends. Go ahead and start by building your profile and writing down your thoughts for people who have meant something to you in your insti life. #MyInsti_MySenti

Contact us for any queries regarding the yearbook here.